Author Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

Many people avoid difficult conversations, lack knowledge and seek certainty.  With an interesting breadth of experience and expertise, Lynn Sherwood-Humphries enthusiastically caters to people’s thirst for knowledge, yearning for significance and cravings for connection!

Lynn Sherwood

When families experience great love, the potential for loss exists.  A serial entrepreneur (from UPS Store franchise owner to gift basket retailer, day trader, church youth and family director and, most recently,  shooting instructor and co-owner of a luxury shooting experience in Jackson Hole), Lynn has woven her passions for end-of-life care throughout her professional pursuits.

As a former nurse and end-of-life care nurse caregiver for over 22 years, the importance of communication about our final stages of life hit home when Lynn’s daughter was diagnosed – and died – from lung cancer at age 25.

Like the unexpected insights of loved ones and adored patients who had passed before, her daughter’s final gifts were priceless and have spurred Lynn to educate and advocate regarding the importance of end-of-life care and communication as a gift for the patient and for those who love them.

When not working remotely from some exotic (read: warmer) location, Lynn gets to start each morning in her home in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, writing or reading about peace advocacy, philosophy, business and personal growth, the future of health care, and grief work.  Roaming the Tetons in long-bow sport-archery terrain, competing in pistol sports with a bunch of much quicker guys, snow shoeing through fresh powder or donning her hiking boots to forge local trails, Lynn’s favorite pastime is being warmed by a rip-roaring fire and loving on her husband, Shepard Humphries, and yellow lab, Remington.

Lynn Sherwood, Jackson Hole