About Lynn Sherwood

As a friend, wife, mom of two daughters, and grandma of three, Lynn Sherwood-Humphries is passionate about people.  She is a former ER and medical-surgical nurse and end-of-life caregiver to family members and private clients.  Lynn describes herself as a serial-entrepreneur, with her heart in the service industry.

Lynn-Sherwood-Humphries-Wyoming-author-Patient-AdvocateThrough several entrepreneurial endeavors, she’s learned a lot through her successes, and even more through her failures!  In each venture, from owning UPS Store franchises, to a retail gift business, to beginning a private duty nursing department, a day trading stint, and leading the children, youth and family ministry through her church, she yearns to reach people and become new friends.

Lynn has a background in business ownership and management, and event coordination.  With global vision, and as a hands-on shooting instructor, she’s helped take Jackson Hole Shooting Experience to the next level of Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experiences; she is also extremely detail oriented, rather OCD about dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s and managing systems and details with excellence, in every business she touches.

About Lynn Sherwood
Violet, Lynn & Lauren

Lynn is grieving the loss of her 25 year old daughter, Lauren, who succumbed to the insidious disease of small cell lung cancer in 2018, just 5 months after an incidental diagnosis.  In her quest to find meaning in life and suffering, her healing largely comes in the form of helping others.  Through support groups, sharing with other grieving families, educating people about lung cancer, grief and end-of-life care, sharing her many years of experiences as a nurse, end-of-life caregiver, and shooting sports coach, some days she ‘crashes’ and doesn’t even want to get out of bed with the emotional pain, and most minutes she’s ready at ’em to help YOU get through your struggles, too.

Here’s to taking this journey together, friends ~ I’m Oddly Grateful to be here.

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