End of Life Care Advocate

Navigating new subjects can be daunting.  Consultant, coach and end of life care advocate Lynn Sherwood-Humphries walks with you as you investigate your disease process or patient care choices, personal growth path of leaving a meaningful legacy, or even overcoming your fears to enter into the world of shooting sports.  How’s that for unique fields expertise?!

End of Life Care Advocate

“We must always take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.”  Elie Wiesel survived torturous concentration camp life and is rightly convicted that we must – and we do – always pick a side.

“Advocacy” is active promotion of a cause or goal, and it involves taking actions that result in the selected goal.  There are several ingredients which might lead a person to “pick their side” – passion for the cause for one reason or another, the potential for beneficial outcomes, to guard against unsatisfactory outcomes, as examples. 

I find certain themes among the ‘sides’ I pick in my life – projects which will help people to help themselves, being the most prominent example.  To foster a healthy mindset, teach skills which will enable someone to be the most capable on their own – these are principles which guide my decisions when choosing how I might best make a positive impact in the world.

I am an advocate for peace and an advocate that all humans should have every tool they might require in case they need to defend themselves.

I am an advocate for privately funded health care and education.

A former nurse, and end-of-life caregiver for over 22 years now, I have chosen the side that “The patient will be able to decide what is best for himself.” 

I’ve held the hands of many who have said “enough,” and doctors/families kept testing, treating and repeating. They cared so much that it hurt. The patients themselves were ready not to have death hastened but also to withdraw from the modern system of treat-at-all-costs and allow death to happen naturally.

I’ve borne witness to families planning to fail as they failed to plan. What would happen if we communicated and documented what we want our care to kook like in the final stages of our life? Might this help ensure not only that we get what WE want in the final stages of our living (and dying) AND what an amazing gift this could be for our loved ones to never have to second guess that he/she chose on your behalf if you couldn’t make the decision on your own!?

My personal and professional advocacy for communication NOW, well in advance of someone being 107 years old with a terminal diagnosis, is a fundamental staple of my being.

Dying is a part of every life! WHY, why will we not talk about it?

Lynn Sherwood Expert

I appreciate the opportunity to help others as they prepare for the end of life.

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-End of Life Care Choices Advocate Lynn Sherwood-Humphries