Author Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

Author Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

People crave knowledge and often seek answers from untrustworthy sources.  Home in on the answers you need as author Lynn Sherwood-Humphries pens practical knowledge about topics from end-of-life decisions to lung cancer, peace advocacy, entrepreneurship, shooting sports, family values and more!

“Your daughter couldn’t have written this – it is too good,” he said.  No similar work was produced, but the teacher boldly told my mom that I had plagiarized the poem.

I didn’t write for anybody else’s eyes for over 30 years.

My recovery began thanks to facebook – my shared sentence about my dinner led to a few sentences about a challenge I faced.  Paragraphs followed the initial brevity and comments poured in not only about my subjects but about how my writing had affected the reader.  Paragraphs became blog posts and posts became stories.  Stories turned into paperbacks and, finally, that teacher’s slanderous accusation no longer holds power over my words.

I have created a life that is interesting~ I travel the world, placing new foods on my tongue and imbedding the smiles of new friends on my soul.  An avid reader, the stories within pages carry me to places where I am free to explore philosophy, the way a body dies, or how to sell a ham.

As a serial entrepreneur, new information intrigues me so much that I get to share it with others.  My outlook and mindset creates adventures while cleaning the house and gratitude even in grief.

The best part?  As a writer, I get to taste my interesting adventures twice – and you get to experience them with me if you choose!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” – Anaïs Nin

Sometimes my writing ends up in a tightly crinkled wad in the trash bin, and sometimes words flow so freely that my fingers can’t keep up with my brain.  Words matter ~ and when we choose to enter someone else’s story of love or loss, grief or giggles, exploration, romance or adventure, we are changed.

My writing style is casually conversational, hoping that in the midst of your reading that you will feel transported to my cozy living room, feeling welcomed by a bouquet of brewing beans wafting through the air as we sit, sip and connect.  You may need stock in Kleenex corporation as you explore with me the depths of a grieving mother’s heart.  Coworkers might need to prop you back into your chair when you are doubled over in laughter or are shocked by unfamiliar information.

Whatever our journey du jour, thank you for walking it with me.  Thank you for trusting me with your heart, your curiosity, your time.  Thank you for sharing your curiosity, your intrigue.  Thank you for tasting life with me, in the moments and in retrospect ~ mine is better because you are in it.

Lynn is also a freelance writer for travel, family adventure, and shooting sports publications

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