When event organizers seek speakers, they frequently encounter individuals who know their craft but do not connect with audiences.  Speaker Lynn Sherwood-Humphries has a personable and heartfelt style, sharing valuable information in an authentic way with the listeners and participants in her care.

“I enjoy presenting valuable information in a fun, energetic and compassionate way.” – Speaker Lynn Sherwood

Lynn Sherwood

Why I was dealt the dubious honor of trying to make conversations about dying, shooting and philosophy fun, thought-provoking and intriguing, I have yet to learn.  …And yet here I am, with the distinct opportunity to help grow and stimulate people from the stage, and I’m thankful!

Connections are made over coffee, a meal, or a stage!

The depth and breadth of our life’s experiences lend to interesting connections on a variety of stages ~ I get to have conversations about death over dinners, personal protection in college classrooms, and peace advocacy on shooting ranges!

There are stages in every area of our lives, perfect places to share information and inspire thoughtfulness.  From the TEDx stage to inspirational conferences and hospital boardrooms, if “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players,” as Shakespeare says, that I have been chosen to educate, inspire a and stimulate thought on your stage is exciting!


·        End-of-Life Care ~ Planning and communication as the ultimate gifts for yourself and those you love

·        Lessons Learned from Failure

·        The Opportunities Within the “YES”

·        Lung Cancer ~ Facing Facts & Fears

·        Transforming End-of-Life Care to the Familial Care of Yesteryear

·        Why Would a Girl Want to Learn to Shoot?

·        The Non-Aggression Principle ~ A Journey to Self-Ownership

·        Traveling Ashes ~ Life Affirming Lessons

·        The Zealous Art of Serial Entrepreneurship

·        101 Questions to Ask Grandma Before She Dies

·        Compassionate Care of the Dying Person ~ When the Test/treat/Repeat Cycle Surrenders to a More Natural Ending of Life

·        Nibbles & Knowledge ~ Empowering Individuals to be the Life of the Party

Jenelle Bruland says “Our work should be where our passion meets our purpose.”  My intersection is here ~ helping others.  I look forward to working with you, getting to know our audience, learning more about the outcomes you are looking to achieve from your conference or gathering, and tailoring my topic to be transformational for YOU!

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Speaker Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

Let’s Talk About Dying – Lynn Sherwood of the TEDx speaker about “Happier Endings – Three Ways to Design Your Dying”