My Croak File

Has anything happened recently in this crazy thing called life

to make you think about your own mortality?

 Do you know that you, too, will someday “CROAK?”

We tend to deny that death is a really natural part of life – and not talking about dying doesn’t make dying not happen!


As a former ER and medical-surgical nurse, and an end-of-life caregiver for 22 years, it was actually when Lynn Sherwood’s 25 year-old daughter was dying that the benefits of talking about dying truly hit home.

Lynn and her daughter, Lauren, faced a harsh reality head-on: lung cancer threatened to take Lauren’s life within months.  …But by planning for death while living her best life, Lauren designed her dying so she could get more of what she wanted before she died, and, in turn, helped remove the burdens of decision-making and regrets for her family!

Author of “Lung Cancer 101,” Lynn Sherwood is a serial entrepreneur, end-of-life (EoL) educator and patient advocate who brings a touch of hope and humor to hard conversations about getting the most out of life before we die – as a gift for the patient and for those who love them!

Sometimes, being self-centered is the most selfLESS thing we can do.  87% of us will have some medical ‘warning’ that we are sailing away on that lily pad called life, and there ARE ways to achieve a potentially happier ending – by designing your dying, before you “CROAK!”

“My Croak File” will help you define your medical and personal care preferences, have the conversations with those you love, and get on with the business of LIVING!

Dying: we all do it. Let’s do it better ~ and have the possibility of a Happier Ending.



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My Croak File

Lynn Sherwood spent many years as a nurse and as an expert in end of life care, she wanted a solution to help share important information with family members. So, Lynn created My Croak File! “My Croak File” death prep checklist that helps people decide the health care they really want, have the hard conversations ~ and then get on with the business of living!